So, you have taken the time to promote your campus through cool photography and pamphlets, but you feel like potential students still don’t have a great idea of what your beautiful campus is really like. Although it is a good move to have awesome pictures showing happy students on campus, it doesn’t give an idea of what the campus looks like as a whole. Is the campus large? Are there scenic walkways on the grounds? Are there places to study outside? These are a few things students look for and if you provide a visual representation of these things, it can help increase student enrollment. You can offer this information in visually stunning way by utilizing university and campus drone video.

How University and Campus Drone Video can Help Increase Student Enrollment

We all know how effective visual media is when it comes to potential students who have recently graduated highschool. It is a huge part of their lives, and many feel that it is the most efficient way to get the information they need. Drone video is a fantastic way to show of your campus and entice those potential students into filling out applications. Here are a few ways that this marketing tool can really make your campus stand out.

1. Show Off Your Campus’ Accessibility

This may seem like an afterthought, but showing students and their parents that they can easily move from one building to another is something that could definitely have an impact on their decision. Drone video can not only give an overall bird’s eye view, but a drone can actually move along the pathways that connect the buildings giving a fantastic idea of how walkable the campus is.

2. Give Scenic Tours

You may have some students who are unable to come out to campus for a visit but still want to take a tour virtually. You can give this tour to them by combining drone video for the exterior areas of your university and handheld, high definition footage to show the interior of the campus. We suggest filming the exterior of your campus in fall or spring depending on where you are located. These seasons will give you beautiful shots of outdoor areas where students can assemble, study and move from class to class.

3. Renovating? Let Prospects Know What Those Additions Will Look Like

Chances are that some of your prospects will not actually attend your campus for a semester or two and you may be adding some pretty cool things to your campus in the meantime. If you are planning on completing exterior renovations or new building additions, you will want to show potential students what that will look like. Air Capital Drone Company offers motion graphics and animation services as to help illustrate new construction or architectural plans that the property will have added on.

4. Promote Campus Culture

Does your campus come alive during football season? Why not use drone video to show off the fun atmosphere during football season? Maybe your university prides itself on being a studious and calm place to further education. You can show that easily with drone video by filming students studying among your beautiful landscape. Many potential students and their parents will be drawn in by the aesthetics of a university, but they may ultimately base their decision on what campus culture is really like.

5. Get Ahead of the Competition

Some of your competitors may be using pictures and some video, but many are still a bit behind when it comes to utilizing the latest in video technology to promote their university. You can stand out from your competitors by working with us to put together a visually extraordinary video that will draw in potential students and potentially increase campus enrollment.

Drone Photography and Video Services Within Reach

With Air Capital Drone Co., stunning aerial photography and videography is more affordable than ever before. Our team of professionals have the ability to create a video that will not only be appealing to the eye, but also inform prospects of what your university has to offer. Call (316) 269-6919 for a quote today.



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